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Foundation Settlement Repair

We provide efficient foundation settlement repair services using advanced foundation systems. When you’re home is showing signs of sinking or foundation cracks, our team will provide accurate installations that accommodate these problems. As certified contractors in Wichita and the state of Kansas regulations, you’re guaranteed efficient home stabilization and realignment. Our team has years of experience in these particular foundation-related problems, providing foundation repairs that have proven to hold and permanently address the core issues. We believe in finding the exact point of pressures and weaknesses in your concrete to ensure proper repair methods.

Causes of Foundation Settlement

The causes of settlement of foundations and concrete is simply explained by soil, climate, water, and pressure. The preliminary time and combination of these aspects will solicit foundation problems; more particularly sinking foundations. With a rising water table surrounding your home, soil can become ‘soggy’ and unstable. The water in the soil will eventually affect other soils underneath your concrete, causing the foundation to sink. With increased hydrostatic pressure that pushes against basement walls, the concrete becomes unstable and causes the foundation to collapse.

Other Types of Foundation Settlement

There is only one other type of foundation settlement that will cause sinking home symptoms: shifting soil and natural earth layers moving underground. This is similar to water-logged soil that causes unstable conditions for concrete, which is a ‘forced’ shift. However, the earth’s crust and soil natural moves depending on the location in which your home was built. In most cases, foundation settlement will shift over a long period of time – becoming hardly noticeable until damages have taken place.

Our Foundation Systems

We use patented products that provide restabilization of your home and foundation. In particular, with regards to foundation settlement repair, we use our structurally-sound foundation pier system. This system is an essential part of repairing the sinking aspects of the concrete, by lifting your home upwards. This counteracts the soil conditions by resting the weight of your home onto the piers – long pipe-like metal ‘stilts’. These piers are able to withstand an enormous amount of weight and pressure by drilling further down underground into more stable crust-plates of the earth. All of this, combined with our years of experience will guarantee a solid foundation for your home and family.

The Effects of Foundation Settlement

Figuring out the effects of foundation settlement may be obvious or subtle depending on your situation. In most cases, you can conclude that something is wrong with your foundation when looking for early warning signs. These consist of:

Foundation Cracks

Perhaps the simplest and obvious warning sign is foundation cracks. Whether vertical, horizontal, or scattered layout of the cracks may occur, this indicates definite shifts in the soil, ground, and foundation. Cracks can form large or small, depending on the severity of shifts, which will require foundation settlement repair, as well as crack sealing.

Wall Cracks

If you have a basement, wall cracks will be a key indication for much-needed support. While this is normally associated with bowed wall repair, wall cracks can also be a sign of foundation settlement, where shifts in surrounding soil can apply a separating pressure causing splits in concrete.

Additional Services That Pair With Foundation Repair

There are cases where foundation settlement repair may require basement waterproofing. This comes from the mentioned soil conditions that can cause sinking foundations, where water is the main cause of unstable ground. In some cases where foundation piers have realigned your home, water may leak into your basement after the repair is completed – due to rising water tables. If this happens, a basement waterproofing system may be recommended.