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Basement Waterproofing

At Wichita Foundation Repair & Waterproofing, we provide comprehensive basement waterproofing services that will relinquish issues associated with wet basement problems. Utilizing the latest and greatest in state-of-the-art technology, our waterproofing systems deliver satisfying results. Our team of experts completes full installations of these systems, ranging from minimal to maximum protection depending on the severity of your situation. Each contractor is fully licensed, insured, and certified to handle all aspects of concrete work, and the installation systems we provide within foundations and basements. From our local office in Wichita, you can expect fast estimates from our crew that are easily accessible by appointment within your residential area.

Our Waterproofing Systems

Each system we provide is designed to withstand and mitigate water under different conditions. Depending on the condition of water leaks and hydrostatic pressure will determine which system we install, if not multiple. These consist of three different unique drain systems, a sump pump, and dehumidifiers. Wet basement waterproofing is the art and science of figuring ut the source of leaks, and finding the best solutions. With our team of contractors, you can expect professional assessment that will address these problems accurately without overspending.

Handling Wet Basement Problems

Addressing the causes of wet basements allows us to pinpoint the problems first-hand. We accomplish this by providing a complete inspection before beginning each project. During this time we will find where the leaks are coming from, and then provide an accurate recommendation of the work we would provide to repair this problem. After of which, we would then give an estimate of our services and the products we would use. Wet basements and the leaks that cause them can be difficult to comprehend, but we ensure trusted solutions form our team as one of the most reliable basement waterproofing companies in the area.

Water Leaks in Your Basement

There are various leaks that can occur within your basement were seen and unseen water poses a threat to your concrete and structural integrity. Whereas, basement waterproofing is the only solution. These will consist of:

Leaking Cracks

If you notice wall cracks in your basement walls, in most cases water, will leak through. These can range between minimal to extreme leaks depending on the severity of your wall crack, and the surrounding soil conditions that may be water-logged. This can come from climate and naturally occurring materials in the soil which create hydrostatic pressure against your walls. Cracks begin to form, and leaks begin to spout water within your basement. A simple basement waterproofing system will help alleviate this problem by mitigating water before it meets the wall.

Floor Crack Leaks

Floor crack leaks are similar to wall cracks. Hydrostatic pressure and rising water tables create unstable soil conditions underneath your basement floor, causing cracks and leaks. By using a basement waterproofing system underneath the concrete floor, we can effectively mitigate excess water away from the foundation to remove pressure and ward off further leaks.

Other Leaks from Unknown Entrances

There are other various openings that can occur, beyond the obvious cracks in most basements. These consist of cove joints which are areas where the wall meets the floor, masonry walls where the filling between mason bricks are leaking, basement window leaks around the seal, plumbing pipes that do not have the appropriate seal around the opening, ‘tie-rods’ which are exposed metal pipes from deteriorating concrete, and over-flooded floor drains. These are all different aspects of wet basement waterproofing issues that have affected thousands of homes. Each of our waterproofing systems will address each unique problem in specific ways to repair, protect, and mitigate water.

Additional Services We Offer:

Basement waterproofing is a complicated yet simple process of protecting your home from water damages. In some cases, this service must over-step into other services depending on the problem at hand. With cases such as wall crack leaks, our waterproofing systems will mitigate and drain water, however, the crack itself is still exposed. In this situation, we would use bowed wall repair to restabilize and align your cracked wall while sealing the crack in the process. Where floor cracks have become detrimental, we would use foundation settlement repair to address the sinking concrete issues if the problem is severe. Our approach is 100% accurate to ensure quality protection that will last.